September 09, 2021


 By the time a client has taken a seat at your practice, they’ve already decided if they will return! We’ve identified 3 key points that influence this decision: your website, reception and operatory.  So read on to find out how you can keep your clients coming back!  



Whether a client is looking for a new dentist, or they are a returning customer, they will usually find your website to view your services, find contact details and book appointments.

Studies have shown 50 milliseconds is all a user needs to decide if they like your website! To really make those milliseconds count, making your website as visually pleasing and easily accessible as possible really goes a long way.

When creating or updating your website, keep in mind that people have a set idea of what a website should look like, and how to navigate it. Users find when websites go against the norm, they are difficult to navigate and create a negative experience. 

Make sure your website is simple, clear and displays all the appropriate information. Visuals are extremely important; this is where Dental Stock Photos can help you create a unique image for your brand that flows from your website and marketing, into your practice.

 With over 2500 photos choose from, (with more being added regularly), you’ll be spoiled for choice!



When a client steps into your practice, ideally you want them to feel safe, clean and have confidence in your team’s ability.

Take a step into your client’s shoes – literally.

Walk into your practice with the mind of a client and take note of how it feels; is your reception space clean? Is it cluttered or organized? Is there comfortable and adequate seating? Is there adequate lighting?

Presentation matters, when your client comes in you want them to be in a clean, organized, calm and safe environment.

If you’re unsure of how to improve your space, visit some other practices and get some ideas about what you would like to implement.

Avoid using heavily scented sprays, instead opt for natural and clean scents like pine, citrus, or lavender.

Are you displays up to date? It might be time to get rid of old pamphlets and posters and replace them with fresher ones. 



Not only should your operatory follow WHS standards but it should also create a comfortable environment for your client.

Everything should be organized, clean, and easily accessible.

The path between the door and chair should be straightforward, you don’t want your client wandering around stacks of books and trays!

Being in the chair can be pretty boring, so having a hanging TV and posters around the room can really help keep the client focused to your staff can do the best work possible.

Really think about the imagery you want in the Operatory, from smiling patients to correct PPE gear, Dental Stock Photos has so many options to choose from!

Using the same old stock photos that every other practice uses gets boring and repetitive, people also build assumptions when viewing these images.

For example, a client went to a dentist, and they had a negative experience, this practice used generic stock photos on their website.

This client now has negative emotions attached to those images, and if you use the same images the client can unconsciously project those feelings towards your practice!

Human psychology is fascinating and knowing the basics can really help your marketing strategy. 



Browse our dental image collection and transform your practice today!

Cheap & Nasty Stock Photos: 5 Reasons Why They Can Lose You Customers
February 10, 2021

Cheap & Nasty Stock Photos: 5 Reasons Why They Can Lose You Customers

Have you ever seen a website without images, pictures or some form of visual graphics? No? That's hardly surprising.

If there's one common thing (aside from copy) that almost every website shares - it's imagery. 

Yet, when it comes to choosing images for your website, not all photos are created equal.

For a place as reputable as a dental practice, this is incredibly important to consider. 

When it comes to sourcing images that help create a highly engaging website (one that holds visitors who convert into customers time and time again), it's essential to have high-quality photos that echo credibility, trust and authenticity. 

It could mean the difference between people walking through the door, making an enquiry or picking up the phone. 

According to, 65% of Australians describe themselves as visual learners, and 67% of online shoppers rated high-quality images as "very important" to their purchase decision. 

Sourcing and purchasing unique and relevant photos will:

  • Build quicker trust with potential customers
  • Set you apart from the competition
  • Create a positive customer experience

This goes for any of your marketing material - from websites, landing pages and social media content, to brochures, posters, print advertising and more. 

The more visitors you have to your website, the more likely these visitors will turn into leads, which leads to paying customers.

Acquiring more customers from your website can be as simple as using the right images.

So why do people insist on using cheesy stock photography, you may ask?

Often, it can come down to budgetary restrictions. 

Budgets for developing a website can sometimes be tight, so royalty-free and copyright-free images can help those who need a picture representing your dental clinic. 

However, this short-term saving could be costing you big in the long-term:

  • Your website visitors may not feel connected to you or your brand, so they're more likely to leave your site and get that filling somewhere else
  • Your dentistry will become part of the noise rather than standing out from it, so you'll have to work harder to get potential customers in the door

Some Stock Images Are Cliché

Stock and royalty-free images often portray similar scenes over and over again. How many variations of a person holding dental equipment can you get to appeal to such a broad audience?

Such images say nothing about a company and can (without intention) convey stereotypical views that people have of dentists, meaning they will pass those stereotypical views onto you and your company.

Using more natural-looking (and not staged) stock photos also allows customers and web visitors to develop a more significant association with it, and hopefully become paying customers.

Stock Images Sometimes Don't Reflect Your Brand.

Avoid using stock images on your website that have nothing to do with your brand or do not fit your brand's overall values. 

Say, for example, you search 'dentist working' or 'woman at the dentist'. Are the images available compatible with Australian rules and regulations around dentists and the environments in which they operate?

Made to Appeal to a Wide Audience

Stock and royalty-free images get used on so many websites they're made to appeal to a broader audience. We see the same photo of a 'female patient', or 'male dentist', or 'dentist's chair'.

Using unique stock or royalty-free images is an excellent way of standing out from the crowd and appealing to your ideal customer. Dental Stock Photos stands out in offering an alternative (found nowhere else) to these same photos we've seen over and over again.

Natural Looking Stock Photos May Convert At A Higher Rate

Many dentists seek to connect with potential clients, build trust and form professional connections with their consumers. 

How are your clients supposed to believe in you if they are looking at a female dentist's generic image showing off her white teeth?  

Generic Stock Photos Can Create Negative Customer Experiences

When a potential customer lands on your website, they're going to decide in seconds if you're the right dentist clinic for them. 

Suppose you are using stock photos that seem too picture-perfect or similar to another website. In that case, this can create a negative experience because a person can subconsciously project that experience onto your pictures and your dental clinic.

Make Stock Images Your Own

Once you have found a suitable stock image, don't just publish it and be done with it, edit it to make it unique.

Through creative type overlay, background or colour manipulations, the right cropping, or your logo's addition, you can make a stock photo' pop,' and be more engaging, winning you clients for years to come. 

When using stock or royalty-free photography on your dentist clinics website, make sure it's on-brand, and you have the option to make it your own.

5 MUST-KNOW Pieces of Advice for selecting stock photos
January 08, 2021

5 MUST-KNOW Pieces of Advice for selecting stock photos

Do you find yourself scrolling through endless websites looking for affordable stock photos that are worth every cent? How do you decide which photos to select? How do you determine what defines the ‘best stock photo’? Why is this important - after all, can’t you just pick any old stock photo, buy it, and use it?

If you're thinking to yourself; how on earth do I find the BEST dental stock photo for a project? What are the things I need to consider? We’ve got you covered.

At Dental Stock Photos, our team of dental professionals have compiled the top five things to look out for when making this all important decision.

1. Think about where your image is going

There are millions of places you could place your purchased stock photos or images.

Without this very common practice, stock image websites wouldn’t exist!

Is the photo going to appear on your social media channels as a post? Will the photo accompany a post your business makes on Twitter? Will it form part of a Facebook video? Is it going to appear on a poster that’ll hang in your dental practice, doctors surgery or cosmetics surgery? Is it going to appear as the header image on your website? Is it going to form part of a brochure? Will it appear on a blog on your website? The options are endless.

Think about A) How you are going to USE the photo and B) Where it is going to appear.

For Part A), consider this; Is it going to be a standalone image (i.e. a post on Instagram) or will it have text or graphics on top of it, or placed alongside it?

If, for example, you’ve purchased some dental stock images and you’re going to use them for backgrounds on videos, you’ll want to ensure they aren’t too ‘heavy’, busy or likely to interrupt the focal point of wherever the background image is being placed.

2. Look for high quality, authentic images

Customers can pick out a good stock image from a bad one. It’s important to ensure the images you select are of a high standard, and don’t look too staged or fake.

Let’s say you needed an authentic dental photo of someone having a check-up.

If you came across a stock image where the dentist was not wearing gloves and the glamours patient wasn’t wearing eye protection (safety glasses) then this wouldn’t be an ideal image to use given it doesn’t accurately convey correct and safe infection control practice and looks staged.

Let’s say you needed some dental office images for a brochure advertising your dental practice. Real photographs feel natural and give your website a warm feel and keep potential customers engaged. People can spot those generic photos a mile away.

Put simply, an inaccurate stock image that ‘falsifies’ the process or looks ‘fake’ isn’t ideal. It can damage your credibility as a business.


3. Does the photo elicit an emotional response?

Would the photo you select make you stop, take notice, and develop a response or action from looking at it?

Stock photos that stand out and grab attention win each and every time. After all, you don’t just want to use the same stock-standard, boring or disengaging photos that everyone else is using.

For example, we don’t advise using the same picture of a dentist, dental assistant and glamourous patient that another 10 dental practices are using. You need to stand out.

4. Avoid doing what everyone else is doing

If you can avoid it, try and avoid using generic free photo websites for stock images. Why? Because a lot of businesses are using these, and they’re easily spotted.

People (and other businesses, for that matter), can pick out a photo they have seen before from a mile away.

We often see the same one or two photos used everywhere - after a while, it can damage the credibility and authority of a business if they are seen to be using the free option.

Of course, purchasing high quality dental stock photos comes down to budget and financial obligations - so it’s important to do your research and find the best option that suits you.

5. Be inclusive, and consider your target audience

Alienating or discriminating against people isn’t always intentional, but unfortunately, when selecting a stock photograph, this can sometimes happen.

If your business is orientated towards both men and women, it’s important to consider both genders. If all your marketing only includes female dental patient photos, then it’s unlikely that any men will visit your dental surgery.

Maybe you’re creating a campaign aimed at enticing people to visit your dental practice to have their teeth cleaned. As part of the campaign, you could be offering a limited time discount on teeth cleaning.

Consider what type of person would align to a stock photograph you use for your marketing here - you’re not going to use a photo of a baby, after all, they don’t quite need their teeth cleaned yet.

If you’re creating something which will include multiple photographs, ensure you diversify the people you include - think about different ethnicities, ages (depending on who you are targeting), occupations, and so forth. Don’t simply use the same person, or type of person, for everything you put out (unless you have a specific spokesperson or group).

6. Consider the orientation of the image

Do you need a tall photograph? Or a wide one? If the photo is being posted on Instagram, it’ll need to be square - is the stock photo you want to purchase able to be resized into a square? You need to consider this.

Facebook and Instagram generally prefer square images, whereas Pinterest likes tall images, and Twitter needs wide images.

Before you purchase a stock photo, you should check the dimensions required for the social network you’re going to be using it on. For example, Instagram posts are best sized to be 1080px by 1080px (Square) 1080px by 1350px (Portrait) and 1080px by 608px (Landscape).

7. Change things up in your search

If you type something into the search bar of a stock photos website, but find you are achieving little to no results - here’s a handy trick.

Visit an online thesaurus, type in the word that best describes the stock photo you’re looking for, and check out the results. You can use some of these results to inform what you type into the search bar for stock images.

Let’s say you need a stock image of a dental therapist. You struggle to find anything - why not jump into a thesaurus and see what comes up as a replacement?

Who knows, you could just find what you’re looking for by searching a different variant of the word!

dental chair
December 07, 2020

Reasons why real photos bring in clients (to dentists)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why not give someone a thousand reasons to visit your dental practice?