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5 Top Ways Dental Stock Photos Can Benefit Your Association

June 29, 2022

5 top ways Dental Stock photos can benefit your association blog

As part of a dental association or group, you want to know that the members are supported for best practice outcomes with innovative ideas and proven strategies that can add value to their dental industry business.

 And these days, in such a competitive world, a great strategy for dental businesses to scale is to find uncomplicated and painless ways to be more visible in the market.  To do that, companies need a good marketing strategy and a strong presence on the web and in social media. 

So what easy strategies could be offered to your members to assist with their presence in the marketplace?

We’d like to suggest that a collaboration with Dental Stock Photos (DSP) could be one way to improve your member’s marketing strategies – and here’s 5 good reasons why:

  1. Every business desires a superior and recognisable brand identity. To achieve this, you must use images in your marketing that are not only consistent with your identity, but also enhance your brand. Choosing DSP for web and social media images, allows businesses to create a strong visual recognition and connection with their branding.
  2. Why choose DSP instead of other stock image companies? Well, DSP started when Dr Roslyn Franklin (founder and director), noticed that stock photos for the dental industry were often seen to be using incorrect tools and procedures.  With over 25 years experience in the dental industry as a dentist, teacher of dental assistants and a passionate infection prevention control consultant, Dr Franklin wanted to ensure that dental images used on the web are authentic and accurate. Unfortunately, many dental clinic photos are taken by photographers who have very little knowledge of the dental industry or correct use of PPE.  You won’t find that when you use DSP. All images are authentic, accurate and show correct procedure.
  3. Let’s get to the bottom line! If your association partner’s with DSP you can make some great savings on images.  Ask your association administration to get in touch with us and have a chat about the ways your members can save.  We’re already discounting images to members of our partners at the Australian Dental Association, WA branch, so why not take advantage of being part of an association or membership group?
  4. With clear terms and conditions of use, the knowledge you are using copyrighted images in a legal way adds peace of mind to your web and social media marketing strategy. No longer will you have to spend hours searching the web for authentic dental images wondering if it’s ‘OK’ to use them. DSP is your one stop shop that will add consistency to your overall brand image and enhance your online marketing.
  5. DSP is a trusted partner of some of the biggest names in the Australian dental industry, including the Australian Dental Association and Ansell.

 If you’ve just discovered us or are considering the ways in which DSP can support your association, please feel free to give us call any time.  Why not start the new financial year with an effective and proven way to reduce your marketing costs? Associations partnering with us receive great discounts on our dental image bundles and even our custom shoots, so don’t hesitate to call if you want to know more.

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