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Fun at the ADX Dental Conference in Sydney - with Dr Roslyn Franklin (Director of DSP)

March 23, 2022

Photo of director of Dental Stock Photos at ADX Sydney dental conference 2022

Working in the dental industry for the last 28 years, and as a lover of all things dental, I really enjoy getting out and about at events and conferences, interacting with other professionals and learning new trends in the industry. The ADX Dental Conference has always been a highlight of my year in the past, but unfortunately, global events have seen this event cancelled for the last couple of years, so imagine my delight when I received confirmation that the Sydney conference (held in March 2022) would be going ahead. 

The exhibition was ‘BIG’ – with New South Wales having now eased mask restrictions, mask wearing was voluntary, there was no need to sign into the app, and the atmosphere was electric.  Ha, I can see you rolling your eyes – but honestly, when you live and breathe ‘dental’ the way I do (you can tell I’m very passionate about my profession), it was wonderful to be there, and from my perspective, the various dental companies were as excited as I was!  It was the first opportunity they’d had, in a long time, to be face-to-face with their clients.  It was great to learn about new industry trends and techniques, as they are ever-changing.  I was also able to pick up supplies for my photography shoots, fun things like giant toothbrushes, as well as discover new products in infection control.  There have been developments in face shields, new hand rub products and new cleaning wipes – all exciting for me, if not for you!

I have to say, during the 3 days I spent at the conference, I learnt a lot and met so many new people, while developing relationships with many others I’d mostly only met on Zoom.  Zoom has been an amazing platform and asset during the pandemic because we’ve all been able to create virtual connections and build businesses, one being DSP, through the platform.  But ultimately, when we are able to physically meet, relationships can grow stronger. 

 I’d like to shout out to those wonderful people who spent time with me during the event, and shared my passion for infection control (!) and all things dental:


With such a positive and uplifting time at the ADX, it’s important to acknowledge how important these types of events are within the dental industry. Meeting with other industry professionals, discovering new trends and being part of a community gives us all a reason to be proud of our industry and what we do.  Congratulations to the organisers for putting on such a great conference, and I’m really looking forward to the next one!

Drop me a line if you were there with any comments or feedback – and you never know – maybe I’ll see you at the next ADX.

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