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Boost Your Dental Clients' Confidence in You: Here's How!

September 09, 2021

Boost Your Dental Clients' Confidence in You: Here's How!

 By the time a client has taken a seat at your practice, they’ve already decided if they will return! We’ve identified 3 key points that influence this decision: your website, reception room and operatory room.  So read on to find out how you can keep your clients coming back!  


Whether a client is looking for a new dentist, or they are a returning customer, they will usually find your website to view your services, find contact details and book appointments.

Studies have shown 50 milliseconds is all a user needs to decide if they like your website! To really make those milliseconds count, making your website as visually pleasing and easily accessible as possible really goes a long way.

When creating or updating your website, keep in mind that people have a set idea of what a website should look like, and how to navigate it. Users find when websites go against the norm, they are difficult to navigate and create a negative experience. 

Make sure your website is simple, clear and displays all the appropriate information. Visuals are extremely important; this is where Dental Stock Photos can help you create a unique image for your brand that flows from your website and marketing, into your practice.

 With over 2500 photos choose from, (with more being added regularly), you’ll be spoiled for choice!


When a client steps into your practice, ideally you want them to feel safe, clean and have confidence in your team’s ability.

Take a step into your client’s shoes – literally.

Walk into your practice with the mind of a client and take note of how it feels; is your reception space clean? Is it cluttered or organized? Is there comfortable and adequate seating? Is there adequate lighting?

Presentation matters, when your client comes in you want them to be in a clean, organized, calm and safe environment.

If you’re unsure of how to improve your space, visit some other practices and get some ideas about what you would like to implement.

Avoid using heavily scented sprays, instead opt for natural and clean scents like pine, citrus, or lavender.

Are you displays up to date? It might be time to get rid of old pamphlets and posters and replace them with fresher ones. 


Not only should your operatory follow WHS standards but it should also create a comfortable environment for your client.

Everything should be organized, clean, and easily accessible.

The path between the door and chair should be straightforward, you don’t want your client wandering around stacks of books and trays!

Being in the chair can be pretty boring, so having a hanging TV and posters around the room can really help keep the client focused to your staff can do the best work possible.

Really think about the imagery you want in the Operatory, from smiling patients to correct PPE gear, Dental Stock Photos has so many options to choose from!

Using the same old stock photos that every other practice uses gets boring and repetitive, people also build assumptions when viewing these images.

For example, a client went to a dentist, and they had a negative experience, this practice used generic stock photos on their website.

This client now has negative emotions attached to those images, and if you use the same images the client can unconsciously project those feelings towards your practice!

Human psychology is fascinating and knowing the basics can really help your marketing strategy. 

References: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01449290500330448

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