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Cheap & Nasty Stock Photos: 5 Reasons Why They Can Lose You Customers

February 10, 2021

Cheap & Nasty Stock Photos: 5 Reasons Why They Can Lose You Customers

Have you ever seen a website without images, pictures or some form of visual graphics? No? That's hardly surprising.

If there's one common thing (aside from copy) that almost every website shares - it's imagery. 

Yet, when it comes to choosing images for your website, not all photos are created equal.

For a place as reputable as a dental practice, this is incredibly important to consider high quality dental images. Otherwise you may loose potential leads.

When it comes to sourcing images that help create a highly engaging website (one that holds visitors who convert into customers time and time again), it's essential to have high-quality photos that echo credibility, trust and authenticity. 

It could mean the difference between people walking through the door, making an enquiry or picking up the phone. 

According to Inc.com, 65% of Australians describe themselves as visual learners, and 67% of online shoppers rated high-quality images as "very important" to their purchase decision. 

Sourcing and purchasing unique and relevant photos will:

  • Build quicker trust with potential customers
  • Set you apart from the competition
  • Create a positive customer experience

This goes for any of your marketing material - from websites, landing pages and social media content, to brochures, posters, print advertising and more. 

The more visitors you have to your website, the more likely these visitors will turn into leads, which leads to paying customers.

Acquiring more customers from your website can be as simple as using the right images.

So why do people insist on using cheesy stock photography, you may ask?

Often, it can come down to budgetary restrictions. 

Budgets for developing a website can sometimes be tight, so royalty-free and copyright-free images can help those who need a picture representing your dental clinic. 

However, this short-term saving could be costing you big in the long-term:

  • Your website visitors may not feel connected to you or your brand, so they're more likely to leave your site and get that filling somewhere else
  • Your dentistry will become part of the noise rather than standing out from it, so you'll have to work harder to get potential customers in the door

Some Stock Images Are Cliché

Stock and royalty-free images often portray similar scenes over and over again. How many variations of a person holding dental equipment can you get to appeal to such a broad audience?

Such images say nothing about a company and can (without intention) convey stereotypical views that people have of dentists, meaning they will pass those stereotypical views onto you and your company.

Using more natural-looking (and not staged) stock photos also allows customers and web visitors to develop a more significant association with it, and hopefully become paying customers.

Stock Images Sometimes Don't Reflect Your Brand.

Avoid using stock images on your website that have nothing to do with your brand or do not fit your brand's overall values. 

Say, for example, you search 'dentist working' or 'woman at the dentist'. Are the images available compatible with Australian rules and regulations around dentists and the environments in which they operate?

Made to Appeal to a Wide Audience

Stock and royalty-free images get used on so many websites they're made to appeal to a broader audience. We see the same photo of a 'female patient', or 'male dentist', or 'dentist's chair'.

Using unique stock or royalty-free images is an excellent way of standing out from the crowd and appealing to your ideal customer. Dental Stock Photos stands out in offering an alternative (found nowhere else) to these same photos we've seen over and over again.

Natural Looking Stock Photos May Convert At A Higher Rate

Many dentists seek to connect with potential clients, build trust and form professional connections with their consumers. 

How are your clients supposed to believe in you if they are looking at a female dentist's generic image showing off her white teeth?  

Generic Stock Photos Can Create Negative Customer Experiences

When a potential customer lands on your website, they're going to decide in seconds if you're the right dentist clinic for them. 

Suppose you are using stock photos that seem too picture-perfect or similar to another website. In that case, this can create a negative experience because a person can subconsciously project that experience onto your pictures and your dental clinic.

Make Stock Images Your Own

Once you have found a suitable stock image, don't just publish it and be done with it, edit it to make it unique.

Through creative type overlay, background or colour manipulations, the right cropping, or your logo's addition, you can make a stock photo' pop,' and be more engaging, winning you clients for years to come. 

When using stock or royalty-free photography on your dentist clinics website, make sure it's on-brand, and you have the option to make it your own.

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