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Behind The Scenes at a ‘Custom’ Shoot – with Dr Roslyn Franklin (Director DSP)

May 09, 2022

Behind the scenes photo at Dental Stock Photos

Last month was an exciting time for us at DSP as we were commissioned to do a ‘custom shoot’ for our clients Ansell Healthcare and their two new products – a MICROFLEX Neoprene glove and MICROFLEX Nitrile glove.

Ansell provided us with a very specific brief on the shots they required.  They wanted images showcasing their gloves while:

  • Cleaning teeth with dentist tools such as scalers and ultrasonic cleaners
  • Taking alginate impressions of teeth (moulds)
  • Giving a dental check-up, and
  • Performing a tooth coloured filling

Custom shoots are always fun, but can also be a little stressful.  The images are for our client’s exclusive use across the world, for all of their advertising, marketing and  corporate use, so we had to get it right.  The brief was discussed in detail during two meetings with the Ansell team in the US and Australia, and the shoot had to be meticulously planned.    

 A lot goes into organizing a custom shoot. I contracted Ben Yew, a professional photographer who I’ve worked with before, and we spent lots of time working through the brief.   The full-scale production requires planning for every shot including models, equipment to be used, correct use of PPE, different angles, lighting, and paperwork to be completed.  Here’s an example of the level of detail we covered in the brief for each shot required:


Dental Stock Photos image shoot storyboard

 And then of course, we had to find a willing dental surgery, and huge gratitude goes out to Rachel, Hayley, Dr Dan and everyone at Eversmile Dental for allowing us to use their facilities; everyone was amazingly helpful.  Ben and I went into the surgery a week before the shoot to nut out what we would use and/or need to bring.  Being an infection control specialist, and with the help of Ansell ;) I supplied all the PPE and even ‘made’ some scrub caps to the match the blue long sleeved gowns.

On the day of the shoot everything went smoothly, thanks to our good planning, the amazingly helpful staff at Eversmile Dental, and Ben’s photographic skills! Ben brought along his laptop so we could see the images ‘in the moment’ on a good size screen, and also so we could see if we had captured the ‘perfect’ shot.  Having said that, Ben is a perfectionist, so we always get the extra ‘shot or 10’ – just to be sure. Ansell requested that we have the gloves in the images ‘as wrinkle-free as possible’ so seeing the images as they were taken was imperative to getting photo’s that matched our client’s request.

The shoot took around 8 hours and of course, everyone wanted to see what was going on. Being a busy dental practice we tried not to cause too much of a distraction, but we had plenty of ‘sticky beaks’ looking through the window of the surgery door.  Here’s some ‘behind the scenes’ images I took of our custom photo shoot!  

Behind the scenes photos at Dental Stock Photos



With a custom shoot, we provide a selection of images within 7 business days, and the client can then choose the best of the best! Copyright branding is then removed for their exclusive use. 

As a dental industry professional, you can find a great choice of images for all your marketing and corporate needs from our extensive library, but sometimes a custom shoot may be what you desire. If that’s the case, reach out for a quote and see how DSP can help you with the perfect images for your business needs.

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