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How To Find the Best Images for Your Dental Marketing Campaign

April 26, 2022

How to find the best images for dental marketing Dental stock photos

In these days of billions of Social Media posts being uploaded everyday, and our ‘3 second online attention span’, how can you make sure that your audience engages with you and your online platforms? 

Yes, it’s been found that in these days of constant scrolling, 3 seconds is all you have to capture someone’s attention, and to do that you have to have a ‘hook’; a visual image that will encourage the viewer to stop scrolling and find out more.  It’s commonly known that human faces and expressions have a high engagement rate, which is good news for dental images!

 It really is all about the image, whether that be through video or a photo, so using an image that will attract attention is a must for your dental marketing campaign.  It’s also important that the image matches the words…..if you cause any confusion your potential customer will move on.  On top of all that, the visual needs to be consistent with your brand image and of high quality.  You must be aware not to infringe copyright on images and only use photos that are copyright free, or those you have paid to use. 

If this all sounds quite overwhelming, you are not alone!  There are so many rules around what images you can and can’t use, and even how you use them.  For example, you may have to pay a different fee to use an image in print compared to online.  How you use the images you purchase can make a difference.

 Having said all that, that’s why we’re writing this blog, to stop the overwhelm and help you find ways to get the best images you can use to engage and interact with your potential customers both online and in print.

There are a few different things you can be curious about and investigate when looking for a variety of engaging images.

  1. Use Free Stock Photos

There are a number of websites online that give you a selection of copyright free images. Many talented photographers now upload photos to these websites so the quality has certainly improved in recent years.  While the quality is good, the selection is often limited, especially if you are looking specifically for dental images, but it’s still worth a look.  Try Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay and many more.

  2. Hire a Professional Photographer

There are times, and certain events, when hiring a professional is a great option.  You will have an array of unique images for your exclusive use.  Is this practical on a regular basis though?  You will likely find this option extremely expensive over time, and you may not always be able to ensure you have the ‘hook’ you are looking for.

 3. Take Your Own Photos

Again, this option could work for unique images, but will you have the quality and consistency required?  Experiment to see if you SM posts get engagement when you take your own photos.

 4. Use Paid Stock Photos

With the opportunity to purchase thousands of images for your online and print use for a reasonable price, it makes sense that this option will give you the consistency and quality you need to keep up good engagement with your audience.  There are so many websites available to purchase images these days, so do your homework, particularly if you are looking for dental images that need to depict authentic use of equipment and procedures.  Dental Stock Photos was created because we saw the huge number of dental images being used that were using wrong tools and equipment and didn’t show correct procedure.  So be aware when choosing your images that not all stock photos will give you the authenticity you need to create a connection with your audience.

 We hope this blog has given you some information into the different options you have for finding the best images for your dental industry online presence.  We recommend you be curious and investigate different options to see what works for you, both for engagement and cost-effectiveness.

And if you have any questions…..we are here to help.

Reach out via our contact page.



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