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Why Dental Practices Should Ramp Up Their Marketing Strategy Heading Into the Silly Season

October 23, 2022

Dental Stock Photos blog for November 2022

When it comes to marketing your dental clinic, it may come as a surprise to some, but heading towards Christmas and the end of the year is a great time to be turning on the turbo switch for your marketing?  It’s true that it’s an especially busy time for everyone, but it is a great opportunity to remind your clients how long it’s been since their last check up. And making sure you’re booked to capacity through November and December, is not just good for you, but for your clients too.

Why?  Well here’s the top three reasons why now is the time to ramp up your marketing.

  1. January 1st is when most Health Insurance rebates reset – Yes, it’s highly likely that many of your dental clients don’t realise their health rebate is soon to be reset. Although some health funds rollover their benefits on July 1st, the vast majority of health providers actually rollover at the end of the year.  And wouldn’t most of your clients like to know that?  So many people don’t take full advantage of their health fund benefits, so reminding them to check if they have unused dental benefits, is a big plus for them and for you.  We found this list of when Health Fund benefits rollover so you can use it in your email or social media marketing.  And with over 50% of people accessing dental services through a private health provider, this could make a huge difference to your appointment bookings throughout this period.
  2. People like to spoil themselves around Christmas time – It’s true that everyone is spending money at this time of year, but they are often also spending money on themselves! We all want to look and feel good for the silly season, so reminding your clients that they might be due for a dental check up makes perfect sense. Ramp up your marketing close to Christmas and you might find your clients actually want to come and see you!
  3. Nobody wants to experience tooth pain in the middle of family fun time – A great way to market your dental clinic leading up to Christmas is to remind your clients that prevention is better than cure! I think we’d all agree, that getting a tooth problem over the silly season is inconvenient and will definitely put a dampener on the celebrations. If your clients have a check up, scale and clean prior to the silly season, they’ll have the opportunity to pick up any potential major problems with their teeth.  If they can prevent problems that may occur, they won’t have to be rushing to find a dentist that’s open during the holiday time (which may not be you)! This is an important aspect for dental health and reminding your clients of this can create a positive influence on your brand and your relationship with your clients.  So many people say, “I hate going to the dentist,”  so why not change that around by creating a more positive engagement for your clients and building a trusting relationship.  This will have an impact in many ways, as your clients will say to others, “…well if you don’t like your dentist, try mine…. They’re great!”

Using ways to create and build a relationship with your clients is a great way to engage and build your brand and marketing strategy.  And don’t forget, Dental Stock Photos can help you create a consistent brand image and message.  Using stock images in a consistent way makes you more recognisable and ramping up your marketing strategy may see you need more images throughout this time.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your dental image requirements, we are more than happy to assist with your marketing in any way we can!

So let’s just recap on why the lead up to Christmas is a great time to be marketing:

  • Remind your clients about the Health Fund reset
  • Use this time to advise your clients that prevention is better than cure – nobody wants tooth pain during a family celebration
  • Getting a check up, scale and clean can help your clients to feel they are spending time and money on themselves.

Thanks for reading our blog again this month. We hope you find our blogs useful for your dental industry business, and if you have any comments or topics you would like us to cover, please let us know.  We’d also love you to engage with our social media -  in fact, we have a monthly giveaway where anyone commenting on our posts goes into the draw to win 3 DSP images to use in their digital marketing.  You could be the winner…..so pop over to Facebook and Instagram and engage with us for a chance to win!



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