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Reasons why real photos bring in clients (to dentists)

December 07, 2020

Dental Stock Photos - dental chair in modern dental room

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why not give someone a thousand reasons to visit your dental practice?

Are you a dental therapist or practitioner looking for some dental images? Are you looking for the best pictures of dental instruments, or perhaps you’re struggling to find a great photo of a dental office, or need some dental operatory photos?

Perhaps you need something simple, like a basic image of a dental chair or dental mirror?

Do you need some creative dental images that can add a bit of flair to your website or social media?

Spending time to find the BEST dental care images or dental care pictures is worth every second it takes. In fact, it can mean the difference between someone instantly clicking out of your website (no one wants a high bounce rate), or someone making a booking at your dental practice!


Beautiful stock photography can make a world of difference to your online presence.

Even if, for example, you only required a simple image of a dental tray with orthodontic instruments, there’s nothing to gain from quickly finding a photo on Google Images, and using it in your digital material.

Not only are you damaging your own reputation by using an image you don’t have permission to access, but chances are, by simply saving an image from Google, its quality will be distorted and/or grainy.

But just how much can these photos help website visitors to become actual paying patients? Can they help you generate more enquiries, or will they hinder people from becoming patients at your dental practice?

Photography is a super-important aspect of dentistry; there’s no denying it.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why real, authentic and well-photographed dental stock photos can help bring more dental patients through your office doors.

High-quality dental stock photos can help with patient diagnosis and treatment planning

By giving patients other photographs to look at, you can use these to compare with their own photographs and records (charting, radiographs, study models).

You could compare a certain patient’s smile, for example, with a regular smile dental picture.

It can give your dental practice a friendly and approachable ‘Face’.

Investing in high-quality, well-executed dental stock photos is paramount to success.

Almost everyone is online in 2020 (and that number is growing). Internet users are ‘smarter’ than ever before and can pick out ‘dodgy’ or ‘cheap’ stock photos from the ‘good’, ‘high-quality’ ones.

Research has shown that by adding real, quality photographs to your website, you can receive more conversions - bet you never imagined that by adding real photos to your website, you could turn ‘casual’ website visitors into actual patients!

Real photos instantly speak volumes of credibility and authenticity, echoing the message that you’re real people, with real values, and are relatable. Most people are afraid of the dentist, so a photo can help make them feel just that little bit more comfortable.

It makes your dental practice stand out

Authenticity and trust are key, especially when it comes to dental practices.

Whether it’s a badly photographed dental tray with orthodontic instruments, basic smile dental pictures, a new image of a dental lab, or a dental surgery room with preparation surface barriers, a dental xray, or family dental images, a dental patient, dental tray or dental office photos, it’s super important to ensure your photos ‘show’ a coherent story.

Unique photos from a reputable source will set your practice apart from others - after all, the same photographs might be circulating the internet across many different dentists on the web, and people can easily pick them out. Standing out with the best dental photography is key to success!

Specialise, specialise, specialise!

If you’re introducing potential patients to the different areas of expertise within your dental practice, it’s important to have relevant dental office images of the relevant staff you have working there; dental nurse stock photos, dental hygienist stock photos, dental assistant stock photos; you name it.

A light, bright and airy photo of a friendly dental treatment room can make you and your family feel far more comfortable, especially if you have little ones visiting the practice.

A superb photo of clean dental surgery room preparation or a smiling dental therapist can be the difference between choosing to either attend, or not attend a dentist.

Photographs demonstrate an entirely new dimension to your website or social media.

If you provide a particular procedure or service it’s important to help your prospective patients visualise what that is like. Demonstrating how you & your staff professionally create moulds and follow sterilisation and PPE guidelines is important and showcases your capabilities.

Execute professional (and reputable) marketing

Before and after photographs are incredibly powerful. Conveying how a patient’s smile will look before and after an operation is bound to entice someone to pay you a visit.

A patients before and after photos can speak wonders - not only can it eliminate any fears or worries someone has about going to the dentist, but it can motivate them to undertake a treatment plan - while also, concurrently, demonstrating your business’ skill set.

Low-quality stock images (scanned, low-resolution, scratchy, discoloured, sepia-tone photos) are likely to damage someone’s chances of going further on your website, or visiting your website from your social media channels.

Having a ‘dodgy’ stock photo could hinder your click-through rate, if you’re running ads to a landing page, for example. HD dental photos that look great are only going to do good things for your marketing. A pixellated photo of a dental tray rack is going to look miles worse on your website, than a sharp, well lit one.

Be Genuine and Unique

If you take the time to download and use great photos, you’ll have patient after patient walk through the door in no time! You’ll show you’re genuine and can be trusted. After all, a ‘dodgy’ online presence can easily deter a customer or patient from making that all-important booking.

Think about this; would a sparkling, clean photograph of dental laboratory tools (photographed in a bright setting, from a professional angle) entice you to visit a practice, as compared to a cheap, grainy, badly-photographed image within a dental office?

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