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Tips to Make Your Photo's Even Better - Make Them 'Insta-worthy'!

April 11, 2022

Make your photos even better - Dental Stock Photos

Have you taken the plunge yet? Have you submitted your dental images to add to our library?

 At DSP we know that sending us your photos for submission may cause some anxiety, but as we mentioned in one of our previous blogs….what have you got to lose? Don’t take things too seriously, you don't need to be a professional photographer, and you may be surprised at the different types of images we are looking for. You never know what our dental industry clients are searching for to add style and the perfect shot that will enhance their brochures, websites and more. And our clients want DSP stock photos because they show real people and real procedures.

 But if you want to add a little extra sparkle to your photos and make them Instagram worthy, then here’s a few tips for you to experiment with – yes – it’s all about experimenting.  You can improve and take amazing photos when you are curious and willing to learn.

1. Play with light

Sometimes in a dental environment, you don’t have too many options, but try taking photos in natural light as well as under the bright and artificial light of the surgery. Be aware of the windows in the room and how they may affect the image. Play around with light options to discover different effects in your images.

2. Look at things from a different angle (composition)

Don’t just take photos from one angle, consider what you are photographing and take a photo from head-on, from above and even from behind. There are so many ways to look at each image, so just keep experimenting with angles and perspectives. Understanding composition and depth of field are part of general photography skills, so take the time to learn more if you want to improve.

3. Consider the background

Could you make the image even better by just changing a few minor details in the background? Remove clutter and unrelated materials that may distract the attention from the main image. Consider how the light may be reflected in the background as well.

4. Use ‘continuous burst’ for shots with movement

Wow – the versatility of digital photography. Options with digital photography just keep improving and there are so many different settings we can use with our photographic equipment. If you are photographing movement, use continuous burst to get the best from your images.

6. Don’t over-edit

Most of the time, it’s easy to see when an image has been ‘over-edited’. So many images have been manipulated way beyond the original photo. These days, it’s likely when you have finished your ‘shoot’ that you will have hundreds of images to pick from. The images you choose will stand out well above the rest, so remember you chose those images for a reason. Every image is usually edited with an editing app in some way, but staying true to DSP’s authenticity values, it’s likely the image will only need minor editing, so bear that in mind when you are working through your submissions.


Hopefully, these tips will give you some food for thought, and don’t forget, it’s only time and experience that will give you the confidence to do all these things without thinking. Be mindful that the more images you take and submit, the likelihood they will be chosen becomes higher.

Being passionate about photography (and all things dental of course), I love that playing and experimenting with images can sometimes produce the unexpected. So keep having fun with your photography, and you never know where it might lead.


Contact us for more information, or any questions you may have regarding submitting photos to DSP.

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