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What is a stock photo? And why can't I just copy images from Facebook or when I Google?

August 08, 2022

What is a stock photo blog post

These are questions we are regularly asked at Dental Stock Photos! Promoting and advertising with the correct ‘visual’ message is important for every dental business, but we’ve discovered that many people in the dental industry are still unaware that using images ‘copied’ from the web could actually be putting their entire business at risk.

So, do you know about copyright laws?

We’ll try to cover this as simply as possible! Every image ever photographed or graphically designed is ‘owned’ by the creator, and they have certain ‘rights of ownership’ which allow them to choose how their image is used.  If you just copy and paste an image, it’s likely you are infringing copyright laws.  Professional images will contain metadata (information about the photo) that the owner can search to see where the image is showing up. So, if you really want to use a particular image you’ve found anywhere on the web, you must contact the owner and ask permission.  If you don’t, and they discover you are using their image, they can ask you to remove it, or even start civil proceedings if they believe you are using the image for commercial gain. (Read more on copyright law here.)

This is why ‘stock photos’ are a fantastic asset to your business.

Anyone wishing to promote their business using traditional or digital marketing (mmm… that’s just about every business owner!) is aware that to engage their potential customer, they need engaging images.  And stock photos are a great solution to use in your marketing.

A stock photo is an image that has been made available for others to use – either free or for a small fee.    

Stock photos are your ‘go to’ when you need to find the best way to promote your business either through print, online or traditional marketing.  Our blog, How To Find the Best Images for Your Dental Marketing Campaign has some more information on where to find images for your business marketing …. and you can read it here.

Stock photos are usually purchased for a reasonable fee, under license for a specific use, or can sometimes be free.  And Dental Stock Photos is a niche supplier of stock images, specifically for the dental industry, with accurate use of equipment and expertise in dentistry.

Stock photos may also be labelled as ‘royalty-free’, so what does that mean?

Generally, stock photos come with terms and conditions! You can purchase the right to use the image for use across digital platforms.  You may have to pay extra to use the image in print, or in a book, for example.  And sometimes, the owner of the image can ask to be paid ‘royalties’ on any commercial gain made from the use of the image.  So, in simple terms, if the image is Royalty-Free you can use the photo with peace of mind, in the knowledge that, once you’ve paid for it and used it under the terms in which have been agreed, you won’t have to pay out again.

Wow! There’s a lot to learn about how and when you can use images for all your business needs.  Fortunately, when you choose DSP for your dental clinic images, you have a friendly expert at the end of the phone who can explain all of your rights and obligations.

That’s why we started Dental Stock Photos in the first place; to support businesses in the dental industry to get authentic dental images for all their marketing needs.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact Dental Stock Photos here.



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