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Why Choosing Stunning Professional Images Is So Important for Your Dental Website, Blog Or Article

January 10, 2022

Dental stock photos - dental image of dental operatory room

In our increasingly digital world, dental industry businesses are finding it harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. With the huge amount of content we are all consuming these days, it can be difficult to gain the attention of potential customers, associates and collaborators, and dental industry businesses must have a brand image that is recognised and trusted.

Everyone scanning the Internet expects the highest quality and with human attention span decreasing, currently at 8 seconds, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd when you want to share information or get the attention of your audience.

That’s why using professional images and videos across all of your marketing and PR is imperative in today’s world.  And it’s not just stunning images that are important. In any specialised industry, particularly dental, images must also be authentic.  That means that what actually happens in the surgery should be depicted in the images.

There are many ‘stock’ photo companies where you can purchase dental images, but often the images are photographed under ‘studio’ settings and some are not even using the correct tools.  The human brain is amazing and it may be surprising to know how easily your audience will switch off if the brain recognises that the images used are not authentic.

To sum up - here are the 3 reasons why authentic, professional photos can make a difference to your brand:

1. Give your brand a great first impression

As mentioned previously, with collective attention spans decreasing, the first impression of your business will either keep your potential audience reading or send them away within 8 seconds!

2. Establish your brand image

If you want to keep your audience coming back to read your articles, blogs and more, you must establish a recognisable brand your audience can trust.   Your brand image is more important than you might think!

3. Be authentic

There’s no point in choosing stunning images if they don’t show what really happens in a dental clinic, the tools used, or if they are not relevant to dental industry standards.  Your potential audiences’ brains will recognise and turn away from inauthentic images – every time.

With Dental Stock Photos you can rest assured our images are taken by dental professionals who know the industry inside out! So with over 2500 dental images available, taken by highly skilled and experienced photographers who are continually adding new stock, you are sure to find the dental clinic images you are looking for. 

Don’t delay – enhance your brand in 2022 with stylish and professional dental images that will impress and help to retain your customers, associates and audience.

The Australian Dental Association uses Dental Stock Photos for their articles, brochures, website and publications. Read more about it here

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