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Why is the Australian Dental Association using Dental Stock Photos for their articles, brochures and digital media?

December 16, 2021

Photo of the front cover of the Australian Dental Association Infection Control guidelines

 Does your dental association, practice or dental school have authentic dental clinic images to use at the touch of a button?

 These days, it’s so important for every dental industry business to have a superior and unique website, with plenty of dental clinic images to use in all forms of advertising, online media, brochures or articles. And with 93%* of all human communication being visual, and 81%*of people literally skimming past content online, the images you use must credibly show a high level of professionalism and accuracy.  Indeed, could we go as far as to say that the images you use in all your media are the difference between new visitors or customers to your business and website – good quality and engaging images are a must!

 And that’s why the Australian Dental Association chose to take up an annual subscription with us!  They told us that they ‘just can’t get the imagery we need with other stock photo companies.’  The ADA, established in 1928, is the national body for Australian dental professionals and provide a huge amount of content and information to their members every week, with blogs, articles, media releases and updates to their website.  We are proud to be collaborating with them to ensure the dental industry imagery they use in all forms of media is relevant, accurate and constantly updating.  We have over 2500 specialised dental related images available, and add 20 images added every week.  The ADA know they can easily find what they are looking for, whatever their article or online digital needs may be.

Here at Dental Stock Photos (DSP), we know and understand the frustration of trying to find dental clinic imagery that is original and authentic.  There are plenty of ‘other’ stock photo websites out there, but are their dental images even using the right instruments and procedures?  We started DSP because we recognised that most of the available imagery for dental associations, practitioners and educators were being used over and over again, and many of those images were not in-keeping with industry practices! 

 So if you’re a business, association or practice related to the dental industry and need up-to-date authentic images for your media, check out why organisations like the Australian Dental Association choose DSP. It’s really easy to join up and start downloading your dental clinic images straight away, but if you have any queries, our friendly customer service team are available to help.

Dental Stock Photos – your unique niche partner for all your dental clinic imagery needs.

Visit our website to view our quality dental images.



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