Specialized Dental images

About DSP


I am Dr Roslyn Franklin - Owner and Director of Dental Stock Photos.

I have been working in the dental industry for more than 25 years. I am a dentist, a teacher of dental assistants, a writer of dental educational materials, and a passionate infection prevention and control consultant under my business, Amalgamate.

It is challenging to find accurate and authentic dental images on general stock image sites. Many dental photos are taken by photographers who have very little understanding of dentistry, the tools and equipment and the proper use of PPE.

Save hours of searching! You no longer need to spend hours looking for unique photos to increase the authenticity of your marketing, promotional and training materials.

Over 25 years of working in the dental industry has allowed me to apply my knowledge to produce and deliver quality and accurate images that showcase, promote and champion a safe dental industry.


Our Vision

To elevate, showcase and promote dental and medical industry businesses worldwide with quality marketing and clinical imagery that reflects their integrity, professionalism and high standards.


Our Mission

We provide dental and medical professionals with instant access to an ever-growing, simple and effective stock imagery platform that meets all their imagery needs, with the click of a mouse.