Specialized Dental images

Add a personalised touch to your website and branding

So when should you choose a custom photography shoot rather than stock photos?

Product Photography

If you’re interested in promoting your products (existing or new), a great option is to organise a custom shoot with us.   We recently did a product shoot for Ansell, featuring their new gloves’ range (read more here), and when you read about it, you’ll realise a custom shoot is so much more than ‘just taking some photos’.  It takes time, organisation and planning to match the brief, but the results are well worth it. 

Commercial Photography

When you want your business to be instantly recognisable, opting for a custom shoot will definitely add the personal touch to your website and branding. Having images in your marketing or on your website that show the people who work within your business will bring
an immediate feeling of familiarity when potential and existing customers see your posts or look for you online.  Have
a look at some of the great images we were able to supply to our client, Admin People.

So what makes a good custom shoot?


Dr. Franklin, founder and director of Dental Stock Photos, has been working in the dental industry for more than 25 years.  She is a dentist, teacher of dental assistants, writer of dental educational materials and a passionate infection prevention and control consultant.  DSP began as a passion when she found it a challenge to find accurate and authentic dental clinic images from traditional
stock photo sites. Her knowledge of all things dental and her meticulous organisation skills ensure your custom shoot will be seamless and stress-free.


Ben is an international award winning and published photographer based in Western Australia. His work has taken him to many countries around the world, such as Montenegro, Bhutan, Iceland, Switzerland, Spain, France, the UK, USA and many others. He specialises in creating images that give clarity to the message his clients want to deliver. Ben is a passionate and engaging visual storyteller and he crafts images to create impact for business. To experience more of his
work and vision, visit benyewstories.com.

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